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Best Key Food Safety Consultants was founded in the UK in 1991 and was given authorization to train and issue Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) certificates. Since then, we have issued over 8,000 training CIEH certificates.


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Hygiene Manager Course

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       DATE                       Location             Languages

7-8 Jan 2019              Wan Chai          Chinese

4-5 Mar 2019              Wan Chai          Chinese

11-12 Mar 2019          Wan Chai          English

8-9 Apr 2019               Wan Chai          Chinese

6-7 May 2019              Wan Chai          Chinese

3-4 Jun 2019               Wan Chai          Chinese

12-13 Jun 2019          Wan Chai         English

8-9 Jul 2019                Wan Chai          Chinese

5-6 Aug 2019              Wan Chai          Chinese

2-3 Sept 2019             Wan Chai          Chinese

9-10 Sept 2019           Wan Chai         English

14-15 Oct 2019           Wan Chai          Chinese

4-5 Nov 2019              Wan Chai          Chinese

2-3 Dec 2019              Wan Chai          Chinese


Food Safety Consultant



Currently, we are assisting both Hong Kong and China food catering and manufacturing industries in developing and implementing both HACCP and ISO 22000 food safety systems. We train companies from many different sectors including: school lunchbox suppliers, logistics companies, restaurants, hotels, food production factories, central kitchen, bakeries as well as beverage, fruit and vegetable processing plants. We have also trained HKSAR Food and Environmental Hygiene Department staff. Over 6,000 Hygiene Managers have been trained and certified by us.


Food Safety Consultant CEO, BEST KEY CONSULTANTS

Mrs. Becky Cheung


Over 30 years experience in food safety and quality systems in Hong Kong, China and the United Kingdom.

Best Key Food Safety Consultants was founded in the United Kingdom in 1991, and was authorized by the UK Food and Environmental Hygiene to train and issue CIEH certifications.



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