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Microbiological Hazards

Without proper storage and preparation conditions, different kinds of bacteria can grow to unacceptable levels that are harmful to human health. For example, Salmonella and Listeria bacteria strains can be found in poorly stored food or drinks.


1. Proper Storage Temperature
Bacteria can grow rapidly between temperatures of  5-65oC. To reduce bacterial growth, food should be stored in a refrigerator at temperatures of =<4oC or =>65oC.

2. High Cooking Temperature
In order to kill most of the unwanted bacteria, high temperature (=>80oC) cooking is required.

3. Avoid Cross Contamination
Bacteria can be transferred from uncooked to cooked food by either direct contact or indirect contact via using the same working surface (e.g. chopping board) or equipment (e.g. knife). Therefore, separate work surfaces and equipment should be used for uncooked food and cooked food.


Physical Hazards

Poor storage and handling procedures can lead to physical contaminants falling into, or onto, food. There are many different potential contaminants such as human hair, glass, wood or metal.


1. Inspecting and washing raw materials before use.

2. Cleaning and checking the production area before leaving.

3. Food handlers should wear protective clothing and avoid wearing any accessories.

4. Products should be passed through a metal detector.


Chemical Hazards

Improper usage and storage of chemicals can lead to food contamination. Possible contaminants include cleaning chemicals and preservatives.


1. Proper raw material usage

Maintaing a strict regulation on the amount of chemical material used.

2. Correct storage of cleaning materials

All cleaning materials should be kept in secure containers, with correct labelling, and stored in a secure location separate from food handling areas.


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